Monday, October 25, 2010

Friday's Cook-Out Recipe Book (Weinberg Elementary)

I made 28 mini recipe books for my daughters class this year. One of my daughter's classmate parents volunteer to do the cook out every friday. They would make french toast with bananas, smores, mud pudding, etc. I made all these books including the insert out of cereal boxes. I had the teacher ask the parents to donate empty boxes to the class. The teacher donated the pattern paper that I use for the inserts and tabs and rest I donated. I use for the title the Mickey Mouse Font and DS to weld the letters together. I also use the paper dolls #1 and #2 for the girl and boy chef clothing. The face was stamp from peachykeens everyday faces 4".

Click on each box for a close up of the image

I use From the Kitchen cartridge to cut out the inserts and tabs. Also the titles of each tabs were beverages, dessert, breakfast, appetizers. Some of the inserts I use Design Studio to weld the title on the side but I had trouble with my cricut and cereal boxes, so at the end I welded the letters and cut out on solid cardstock or use stamps for the title. The recipe card were type on the Avery templates on the computer. Some embellishments like the marshmellows and chocolate and tea cup were done with George and basic Cartridge my own creations..


WAM Family said...

This is really a nice one. I love cookbooks and the ones handmade are the best.